Thursday, September 16, 2010

Rule #1, Don't use red???

I had an awesome chat today with a good friend, Jemmie.  He is a very talented artist in many ways.  We talked about our high school art classes and how much we have either learned or not learned since then.  Jemmie was able to live a dream of mine, he attended the Art Institute after high school.  I feel fortunate to have been able to take art in high school but there is so much about it that seems so "generic" as I get older (and hopefully much wiser.)  We were expected to conform to the art curriculum laid out for us.  The problem?  Artists, like every other person on this earth, are NOT the same.  We don't all enjoy drawing perfect circles on a piece of paper or a still life "bowl of fruit".  We don't all like to be told... draw this, just like this, with these colors here.  We don't want to be told, "You cannot use red." (Inside joke, Jemmie will understand)  The point is to use the colors that you feel, that express how you see something.  An artist has the ability to let people see what they see through their eyes.  Now some, would look at a piece of artwork and say, 'That is not right! That is not the way it looks. It is not even that color."   I believe God gives us all the ability to see the world in our own colors, to view it in our own unique way.  I just think we are conditoned through life to try to see things in the same colors. Instead of nurturing the uniqueness of an individual, we want to force them to be what we have been brought up to believe is normal and correct.  I love history, I am by no means an expert, but I wonder where this way of thinking came about?  Is it something that goes back to Adam and Eve?  When they saw the world through the eyes of sin, did it cloud their minds of the beautiful colors they saw the world in to start with?  I hear the questions some may be asking right now, "But aren't we supposed to see things the same?  Aren't Christians supposed to change and be like God?"  Well, yes.  But does that mean losing our uniqueness or what makes us... us?  God created each of us, to be like him... yet, He made none of us alike.  If Christ is in us, someone should be able to see that through anything.  Long hair, tattoos, even scars from a past not lived in a walk with God.  If your heart is filled with love for God, no outer appearance or expression of individuality will hide it.  God created the colors of the rainbow and painted the earth with them, so that we, His children, could enjoy all He had created.  And He even used the color red!